Are you passionate about the Awana ministry? Do you want to see more kids find Christ and build a strong faith through this ministry?

Awana Advocates use their voices to spread awareness and spark participation in changing the world for Christ through the global ministry of Awana.

Discover the power of your voice and connect with others who share the same passion. Be a voice today.

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Current Advocates

Deborah Addington

I am an Awana Advocate because I know that nothing that’s done for a child is ever wasted.

Bruce Wiater

I am a voice for Awana… Because someone asked my children to Awana, 4 generations of my family have been saved!

Dwight and Marlene Hunnicutt

We are voices for Awana because Awana makes fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

JP Morgan

I am a voice for Awana because there are 1,752,220 children and youth in my sphere of influence that need to hear the gospel.

Beth Greene

I am a voice for Awana because God has used our Awana Ministry to make a difference in my life, my family, my church my community and my world! I wish I could have had the opportunity to be in Awana when I was a child and know then what I know now as an adult about God and about His Word. I want everyone-children, teens and adults-everywhere to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, to grow in their relationship with Christ, to develop a greater understanding of the Scripture and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Carlton Willis

I am an Awana Advocate because I believe that it is an excellent vehicle to enable Christians to fulfill the God-given tasks of worshiping, fellowshipping, teaching, evangelizing, and exercising spiritual gifts.

Jeff Gilpin

I am an Awana Advocate because the gospel is freeing.

Jen Henning

I'm an Awana Advocate because Awana is centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ, which has the power to transform the lives of children and their families for eternity.

Robyn Wiater

I am a voice for Awana…My family and I are saved because of Awana. I want to share this joy with others.

Valerie Bell

I am an Awana advocate because wherever there are children in this world . . . AIDS orphanages, slums, bordellos, refugee camps or churches in America and around the world. . . Awana is there with the love of God. No child is too abandoned, hopeless, forgotten or privileged to be overlooked by this life-impacting ministry. If you love God, if you love children, you will, like me, love Awana.

Angie Keener

Solid biblical instruction, hiding God's Word in young hearts, equipping children and youth to love and serve the Lord, AND having lots of fun while doing it . . . of course I'll be a voice for Awana!
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