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For Awana, and many other ministries, China represents a unique situation.  It is the world’s largest population and the second largest economy.  Over the course of the last 60 years, the Church has also grown more rapidly than anywhere else on earth – from less than one million Christians in 1948 to somewhere between 100-160 million Christians today.  As a result of legal restrictions on what churches are allowed to do, it is not possible to have a “typical” Awana ministry.  Yet, in the midst of this dichotomy (exponential growth and significant restrictions) discussions with key leaders have helped clarify the significant role God is calling Awana to play in this very strategic nation. 

The first area is in helping to train and equip Sunday school teachers; China’s churches are doing what they can to reach the children of the country, but with more than 220 million children under age 15, there are far more children than the Chinese church can reach on their own.   Awana provides training for a variety of church leadership roles, including Sunday school teachers and children’s ministry workers.  Additionally, we provide Bibles and materials that make learning and understanding God’s principles for living easier for children and youth to grasp and apply to daily life. For every child reached in this way, six adults are also impacted (parents and two sets of grandparents) with the gospel and Scriptures.

 A second great need Church leaders have shared is equipping parents to spiritually nurture their children; to be spiritual leaders in the home.  As a result, Awana has developed a parenting ministry which equips church leaders to help parents in their local congregation create an environment in the home that encourages the child to grow to know, love, and serve Jesus.  In the process of learning how to nurture their children spiritually, parents also grow closer to each other and, most importantly, to the Lord.

As one of the world’s most influential nations continues to grow, it is the children who will form the next generation of leadership.  By God’s grace, with your prayer and financial support, Awana can play a significant role in helping prepare the next generation of spiritual leaders for the church, community and nation.



Region Overview

  • Total Population: 1.3 Billion
  • Percent Under 18: 30%
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