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Being Africa’s largest country naturally means Sudan has one of the most diverse populations. Estimates of Sunni Muslims in contrast to Christians there widely differ, but there is a Muslim majority that sharia law favors. Yet the faithful Christian minority still seems to practice their faith openly. That can all change rapidly, however, due to Sudan’s violent history. Coming alongside the churches, Awana Sudan exists to reach kids with the straightforward news of the gospel, equip leaders there with mentorship, courage, and proven training methods, and to change the lives of many who wonder if life can provide something more.  

Reaching Kids in Sudan
There are almost 14.5 million children in Sudan today under the age of 15. Many of them have been displaced due to the violence that can easily escalate in a country that has known only war for recent years. Ministry is extremely challenging in a climate such as this. Awana Sudan can help to meet that challenge by coming alongside through local churches in ways foreign organizations cannot. Since the first club began there in 1999, the gospel of Christ has shown each child in Awana that he or she is precious to God and created especially by Him!

Every week, Awana Sudan reaches 895 children with the gospel in their heart language through 8 clubs.

Equipping Leaders in Sudan
Awana is a proven program for reaching kids with the gospel. Yet it disciples the rest of the church through equipping the Awana club leaders, an essential need in Sudan’s newly emerging Christian church. Some denominations have trained pastors serving in only half the churches. Awana Sudan reaches out with training to support each church’s leaders: each Awana program is built upon leadership trained to reach children, like those who use our Leader-Based Strategy (LBS) curriculum. National missionaries, who understand the complexity of their countries, assist the churches which use the Awana program.

In Sudan, there is one coordinator couple serving the churches with Awana clubs. They help the churches to implement the program and train the leaders.

Changing the World in Sudan
Countries in Africa are not like the U.S., where kids have an array of choices for activities. When a church starts the Awana program in Sudan, children have a meaningful and fun place to go as they learn about the gospel. Adults are discipled and trained to make more disciples. Awana seeks to reach more children in Sudan with the gospel and equip more leaders there.

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