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Put Pizzazz in your Grand Prix

Now that Christmas and the New Year are behind us, guess what we’re thinking about next? The Awana Grand Prix! There are few events that get kids and parents more excited than this one, so here are a few tips to put the pizzazz in your Grand Prix.


Order Your Track Early. Our customer care team can help you order your track. Give them a call at 1.866.292.6227. It is helpful to have your church’s customer number and the date of your race.


Remember to allow 4-6 weeks for your track to be delivered. It will arrive in 3 boxes, so make sure to have it delivered to the location where you will hold your race.


Order Your Car Kits. Decide if your church is going to order the precut cars or the Grand Prix Kits (see pages 92 and 93 in our current ministry catalog). Reminder that item #95123 comes with 8 wood blocks, decals, axles, and wheels for your cars.


Publicity is a Must! Great promotion before your Grand Prix is a must. Give families 4-6 weeks to work on their cars. Your publicity will help students, parents, and even grandparents get excited about this family event. Set the date and start spreading the word!


Order Your Grand Prix Trophies. Allow 2 weeks for your trophies to arrive. You will also want to order your Speed and Design Plates (see page 93). Most clubs allow a student to win in only one category, Speed or Design.


Pit Crew Day. Most churches will do this on a Saturday, 9a-1p. Students can drop by for part of the time or stay the whole time and work on their cars. This event ensures that each student can get the necessary assistance to participate in the Grand Prix.


Recruit a set of volunteers to assist students in starting and building their cars. If your church has chosen the blocks, some students and families may need assistance cutting their blocks or designing their cars. This is a great opportunity for men to serve. Take advantage of giving people an even better reason to show up to “Pit Crew Day” by hosting a pizza party at noon!


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! It’s Race Day!

  • Have your race track set up 2-3 days before the race. Test it out.


  • Make sure to decorate your location. Have signs outside and inside so participants and guests will have an easy time finding the event. This is the time to break out the checkered flags, pennants, balloons, etc. You may even want to have small-checkered flags available for guests to wave as each race goes on.


  • Car check-in/registration area. Here volunteers will weigh the cars, put them in categories for design judging, and assign what heat they will race in that day.


  • Pit Stop area. This is where volunteers help students adjust weight and fine-tune their cars for the race. You can also use this area to display the cars, with a card indicating who made the car, the category, etc.


  • Food, fun, and fellowship. The Grand Prix Race day is always a fun time to have a concession area apart from the race area. Hot dogs, nachos, chips, and cookies are popular, and juice boxes are a good idea for the little people (less spills that way).


  • Spread the gospel. Sometime during your race day, allow time for someone to present the gospel. Ask your local missionary, someone from your Awana club, or pastor. There are even organizations with a list of Christian race car drivers who are available to give their testimony and present the gospel! You can find these organizations through Google; check out Race Car Drivers with a Christian Testimony. You can also find testimonies from NASCAR drivers on YouTube to show on your race day.


  • Need more ideas? Check Pinterest. Here you will find car templates, design ideas, and helpful tips to make your race day a success.


Ready, Set, Go! Have a blast connecting with kids and families. We can’t wait to hear what works for you!


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Julie Vander Ark

Julie Vander Ark

Julie Vander Ark is the Membership Engagement Manager. Julie is passionate about the Awana ministry and sharing God's truth and love with kids.

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