Relationship with Jesus Christ:

The Advocate should be actively pursuing a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christian lifestyle:

The Advocate should be living a Christ-honoring life, demonstrating spiritual and emotional maturity, healthy interpersonal relationships, financial responsibility, and a stable living situation.

Local church involvement:

The Advocate should be regularly participating in the community of a local church.

On mission with Awana:

The Advocate should demonstrate a heart for seeing children come to know, love and serve Jesus Christ through proactive steps of advocating for them and the ministry of Awana.

Cross-denominational perspective:

The Advocate should be comfortable working in close cooperation with Christians from many different denominations.

Authority Structure:

The Advocate should agree with the Awana Doctrinal Statement as well as cooperate with and operate under the authority of the Global Advocacy Team.

Financially Support:

The Advocate should contribute financial support to the ministry of Awana at a level appropriate to his or her means.

Email access:

The Advocate should maintain an active email account and have Internet access to stay informed with the happenings of Awana and keep in touch with the Global Advocacy Team.