Awana Game Square

Awana Game Circle Teams stand outside the large square along the line of their team color. In relay games, the center pin and bean bag are placed on the very center of the circle. Each team member, in turn, runs from his starting pin, around the complete circle, past his starting pin and along his color diagonal into the center of the circle for the center pin or bean bag.

The game circle is 30 feet in diameter surrounded by a 37- to 40-foot square. Each team is designated by a color and occupies a quarter-circle or one side of that square.

Floor tape
For proper placement of floor tape, please refer to the Awana Game Square diagram at right. Read all instructions carefully for proper preparation of the floor surface.

For new gyms
For new gymnasiums, Awana recommends painting the lines on the floor. If you prefer not to use paint, Awana recommends permanent tape.

Prep the floor
When applying permanent floor tape, be sure the floor surface is free from dirt, waxes, oil sealers, etc. Consider stripping the floor or tile surface where tape is to be applied.

Gym carpeting
Many clubs that wish to cut down on maintenance and reduce the noise level are adding gym carpeting with an inlaid Awana Game Square. Call Awana Customer Care at (866) 292‑6227 for details.

Permanent Vinyl Floor Tape
Premium quality for use on tile and concrete floors. Sold in single rolls 1 1/2" x 35 yds (white 1" x 36 yds). Rolling a clear sealer over the tape gives better service.
Temporary Floor Tape
Designed for removal after use. Especially suitable for rented gyms and AwanaGames™. Sold in single rolls 1 1/2" x 60 yds (white 1" x 60 yds).
Velcro Tape
For churches with carpeted game floors. If church carpeting has a "return loop" rather than just loose strands, this product will do the best job with a snug fit. Comes in 36-yard rolls, 1 1/2" wide. Can be easily removed -- almost indestructible.