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Cubbies Update

The Cubbies program was updated and enhanced in fall 2013!

Our program designers worked diligently along with an advisory team of Cubbies leaders and trainers from across the country. Their goal was to develop the best curriculum possible to help build a biblical foundation of faith in your preschoolers.
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NEW! Video Overview of Cubbies Update
Watch this video and learn about all the exciting developments that shaped the new Cubbies program. You'll even get to meet both the Cubbies program writer and the Cubbies art director to see how they did things. Cubbie says, "Watch it now!"

Cubbies Field Test — TESTIMONIALS

Before its launch, the updated Cubbies curriculum was field-tested for an entire club year by about 90 clubs of various sizes and from various regions of the country. Their feedback helped to influence and further refine the new Cubbies program. Listen to testimonies from field test churches here.

new characters! new favorite friends! story - weaving the theme story - a deeper understanding new materials - it's Cubbies, only more so new materials - picture this! new materials - the long and short of it