Welcome to Puggles

In many circles, “puggle” is a common term for a baby platypus. In children's ministry circles, Awana Puggles is an enriching program for your pre-Cubbies kids (usually older 2- and younger 3-year-olds) that presents basic biblical concepts through teaching cards, activities, music and games. Awana Puggles leaders have a leader’s guidebook to help them plan and direct club time and communicate the lesson.

Highlighted Resources

Puggles Participation Certificate
Puggles Participation Certificate
Show children and parents how special they are to your club! Present them with this colorful participation certificate during awards night.

Puggles Postcards
Send reminders, encouraging notes, invitations and more, all with unique Puggles artwork!

Puggles Finger Puppet Scripts CD
Puggles Finger Puppet Scripts
Give life to your Puggles finger puppets! Simple, fun scripts correspond to each of the 32 Puggles Teaching Cards.

Leader Tips

Teach Respect for God
The preschool years are a prime opportunity to instill reverence and respect for God. One way to do this is by answering questions about God in a way that helps them ponder His uniqueness and greatness.

For example, young children often ask thoughtful questions such as:

  • How big is God?
  • How did He make the sky?
  • How does God know where we are?
  • Where does God sleep?

Use these questions to point out how different God is from us. He knows everything and is everywhere. He’s so big and powerful that we can’t always understand Him. But He loves us. Isn’t that amazing? (Excerpted from Parent Pause, December 2012)

Snack Time TipsPuggles Leader's Guide
If you serve snacks in your club, the best time to hand them out might be right after play time. The Puggles Leader’s Guide includes suggested snacks to go with the lessons. Do any of your Puggles have food allergies? Why not place a white board at the drop-off location listing the snack (and ingredients) for parents to see? This serves as an extra precaution in addition to the food allergy information you collected from them at registration.

Free E-Book
We trust you are now in the habit of distributing ParentPause to your clubbers' parents each month. Now go the extra mile. Download the free e-book Never Too Early: How Awana Helps Parents Teach Preschoolers Respect for God. Copy and distribute to parents.

Games, Themes and Crafts

God Loves Puggles!
Play the “God Loves Puggles” game. All children and leaders sit in a circle. Have each child say, “God loves me, ________ (insert his or her name).” Have a leader start, so the children understand what to say when it is their turn.

Pajama Jam
Tell parents to dress their Puggle in pajamas for club. Talk with Puggles about activities they do with their parents right before bed. Serve cookies and milk for a snack. To close the evening, read a Bible story as a "Bedtime Story" and close with a nighttime prayer or a Scripture prayer about sleeping, such as Psalm 4:8. This theme works well with the lesson "God Loves Me When I Am Sleeping."