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T&T Awards
T&T Awards
It's getting to be that time of year to reward your clubbers for all their hard work!

T&T Service Passport Stamps T&T Service Passport Stamp
Use these self-inking stamps to sign off on each service project completed in the T&T Service Passport. Inspire a heart for missions in your kids and help keep them enthusiastically involved in T&T all four years.

Download T&T passport labels

Leader Tips

It’s Catch-up Time!
This is a good time to evaluate where kids are who have not finished their handbook yet. Talk to the parents of the clubbers who are behind and set up a time when leaders can work with the kids to help them catch up. Some churches plan a Friday night outing or Super Section Saturday event designed just for section passing — with perhaps some snacks thrown in!

Free Extra-Credit Materials

Awana gets lots of calls asking about extra-credit materials. Remember clubbers should never go ahead of their grade level in the Awana curriculum. Once they complete a handbook, kids may move on to the Silver sections, then the Gold. If this is their second, third or fourth T&T book completed, there are multiple book review awards. But what’s after that? Try these free downloadable memory packets.

Games and Themes

Boot Camp
Give clubbers special t-shirts and dog tags. Leaders wear sunglasses and act like drill instructors. Between club sections, clubbers march and say in cadence, "I'm a soldier for the Lord! The Bible is my trusty sword. I read its pages every day and follow it without delay." In Handbook Time, clubbers recite sections while at attention. Give a Large Group Time message on Ephesians 6, the armor of God. Hand out certificates for completing boot camp. During Game Time, do boot-camp style obstacle courses that involve jumping, crawling, climbing, etc.

Golf PuttingGolf
Set up a putting area with two putters and at least six golf balls. Clubbers take turns trying to land a ball in one of the holes in a wooden board set on end. You can also use a putting cup that returns the ball. Or lay a carpet runner on the floor with a 3” hole cut out at the far end. Kids have their choice of three marked lines from which to putt. The longer the distance, the more points they get if they sink the putt.

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