God is using Awana to accelerate the gospel around the world, holding firm to the biblical conviction that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation and Awana is not ashamed of it! Second, because of their commitment to the Bible, they seek to equip parents to be the primary spiritual trainers of their children. God is using Awana to turn the hearts of parents to their most important Great Commission – the souls of their children.
Rob Rienow
Founder, Visionary Family Ministries

We are a proud Awana church. I learned everything I know about the Bible from growing up in Awana and all my kids are now going through it. I thought there might be something better out there, we looked around to find it, but there is nothing out there that compares to Awana - it is the best there is.
J.D. Greear
Pastor, The Summit Church, Durham, NC

I am delighted to commend the ministry of Awana Clubs International, as it so wonderfully overlaps with the calling God has place upon my own life. Awana is all about the Word of God. The integrity, longevity and spiritual productivity of Awana clubs is a testimony to our faithful God, who declares in Isaiah 66:2: “But on this one will I look: On him who … trembles at My word.” Harvest Bible Chapel, our own three kids and now our five grandchildren have all been deeply impacted and forever changed by the ministry of Awana.
James MacDonald
Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, IL

When I came to CABC five years ago as a staff member, I inherited an Awana program that was already in place. I noticed right away that there was something strikingly different about families in our church who participated in the weekly Awana program. The children were more biblically literate and confident in their faith. The parents were more involved in the spiritual training and nurture of their kids. These were the very things I had come to the church to encourage and promote! We made the decision to embrace Awana even more than we had in the past because it fit perfectly into the mission of our church to make disciples by passing faith from one generation to the next.
Wayne Rice
Pastor to Generations, College Avenue Baptist Church, San Diego, CA

Even though this fast-paced, fun ministry attracts the kids, it often becomes a discipleship tool for both children and parents as many parents begin to coach their kids through the books at home. No matter where you go, there are hurting souls hungry and eager to know the truth. It is obvious that God is aggressively opening doors for this ministry around the world to fill huge and urgent needs. Awana has remained faithful to keep the gospel and His Word as a priority, and because of this we are blessed to see a huge harvest of young souls around the world.
Kris Smoll
Director of Discovery Land, Appleton Alliance Church, Appleton, WI

I have three children, each whom were born into a world inundated by technology, speed, and distraction. My children face thousands of messages every day intended to shape their decisions and influence their lives. This is why Awana is so vital, now more than ever. As I’ve witnessed my children engage with Awana club over the years and now as I watch Awana’s reach expand and grow I realize that this ministry is more than a storied history, it is more than memory, it is more than a program. I am thrilled to see Awana embrace discipleship in the digital age, to engage kids in every nation, to embed the gospel in the center of the lives of kids and families. We need this impassioned movement for everyone, for my kids, for your kids, for global kids to inspire boldness, to catalyze discipleship, to strengthen communities, to give us hope, to change the world.
Matt Guevara
Executive Director at INCM and Associate Director of Digital Initiatives, Cory Center for Children's Ministry