The most effective Awana Clubs are those whose leaders continually seek to grow in Christ-likeness and develop their leadership and ministry skills. That’s why Awana is committed to providing a wide variety of leadership development opportunities. Stay engaged!


Time 2-day live event Hand icon Ministry leaders, Club Volunteers

NEW this year – LEAD is a leadership development experience teaching essential ministry skills for Children and Youth Pastors, Children’s Directors, Awana Ministry Directors, Club Directors, and anyone who wants to grow in leadership abilities!

Online Learning
(Club Clinic)

Time 10 min. (avg.) Hand icon Club Volunteers

Interactive online modules develop your basic skills and provide solutions to common club challenges. Training modules vary in length from 2 to 40 minutes. Access via desktop, tablet and/or Smartphone.

Equipped to Lead Newsletter

Time Monthly Hand icon Commanders, Directors

Monthly newsletter designed to equip you to lead with excellence and keep you up-to-date on the latest news and resources to support your ministry.

Awana Ministry Conferences

Time 3 – 8 hrs. Hand icon Club Volunteers

Missionary-led training events held across the U.S. and Canada August through October. Inspiring message, practical workshops, idea sharing and networking.

AMC Connection Kits

Time 90 mins (avg) Hand icon Ministry Leaders, Club Volunteers

Connect, inspire and equip your volunteers using the video teaching and team-building ideas on these DVD resources. Themes and videos featured from previous Awana Ministry Conferences. Perfect for leader meetings.

Rock-Solid Series

Time Self-paced Hand icon Ministry Leaders

Series of four books that help church leaders build a strong ministry modeled on Scriptural teaching.

Parent Handbooks

Time Self-paced Hand icon Club Volunteers, Parents

Designed for adults, gain a biblical worldview and develop spiritually by learning the same verses in the children’s handbooks. Each book corresponds with a Sparks or T&T handbook.


Time Various Hand icon Ministry Leaders, Club Volunteers

Free downloadable ebooks on a variety of topics to support your minsitry.