$20 can help bring hope to two children through weekly discipleship with a caring leader.

Partner with us Until Every
Child Has Hope

There are 2.2 billion children in the world.

From the children in Syrian refugee camps to the affluent child in a broken family in the suburbs. From the children surviving the slums in Kibera to the forgotten children in the rural areas of the rust belt, kids everywhere need hope. They need hope that we know only comes through knowing Jesus and the transformational message of the gospel.

Awana Leader

A place where these
children are known.

Children around the world are often unseen in the midst of the hardest of situations, making them susceptible to horrible abuse, trafficking, and starvation. Children need a place where they are seen, recognized, and someone cares. Kids need one-on-one relationships with disciple-makers. Awana provides a place for this to happen; but it's not us doing the work of discipleship, it's a loving and caring adult in the community looking eye to eye with a child and pointing them to everlasting hope.

African Children

Every child, everywhere needs hope.

From the rolling laughter of kids in Tanzania to the high speed of game time in a gym in Mississippi or the mountains of Nepal—Awana has a heritage of seeing hope being brought to kids. Read some of our favorite stories of how God is working.

Asten from PakistanRead Story
Asten from PakistanRead Story
Asten from PakistanRead Story

Children are waiting to hear the gospel.
They are waiting for hope.

We see God at work in incredible ways across the globe. He is providing more connections, establishing more churches, and empowering more leaders that are passionate about reaching kids with the gospel. We are praying for people like you to join us in this mission and make it possible to reach these kids with hope.