Because of your partnership, children who were once forgotten are now known.

With over 65 years of ministry, Awana is the global leader in child and youth discipleship. Awana equips and empowers local leaders, men and women inside a community, close enough to look a child in the eye and walk alongside, equipping them to lead for Christ in every area of society.

With an unwavering commitment to the Gospel, Awana reaches over 4 million kids each week in 120 countries, offering an opportunity to know Jesus and find hope.

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We’re about kids, all kids everywhere. Whatever their story or past, Awana kids are part of God’s global movement, with a front row seat to redemption and new life. They don’t just hear about it---they join in making it happen!

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The central purpose of the Awana ministry is to create lifelong disciples. We focus on children and youth coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus and walking faithfully in His truth. Through the agency of the local church and alongside the presence of a caring adult, Awana provides opportunities for kids to put their trust in Jesus Christ and learn to faithfully follow Him.

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As a child feels a sense of Belonging and begins to embrace Belief, they launch into a lifelong journey of Becoming a disciple. This is the active, life-long pursuit of following of Jesus.

Joseph is a Congolese refugee. His life, work, and ministry all take place in a refugee camp in Tanzania.

Like him, the children of Joseph’s Awana club were driven from their homeland by decades of civil war. Warlords, factions, and warring tribes have made this area of Africa so volatile and dangerous that Joseph and the thousands of refugees sharing his camp will likely never return home.

And yet, these Awana children are not without hope...

Though uprooted and displaced, these girls and boys have discovered a sense of belonging, an identity in the Gospel.

As Christians, they see themselves now as citizens of God’s Kingdom, sons and daughters of the King.

Walking through the decades-old camp, Joseph speaks of what he has seen. “I have watched children and youth from warring tribes fight each other, even here. But when they become Christians, they do not identify themselves with their tribe. They see themselves as something else, something new.”

This is the miraculous hope of the Gospel: in Jesus, the walls that separate us come down. In Jesus, we find new life in His name.

And in this darkest of places, the name of Jesus is bringing hope and life to boys and girls.

Joseph is one of many Awana leaders serving refugee and displaced children around the world, making an eternal difference.

The consistent presence of a loving adult allows these children to identity not primarily as members of a tribe, but as children of God.

No longer are they unwanted, unknown, and unseen.

These children are found, wanted, and beloved.

Isaiah 58

“As a pastor, I care deeply about the local church and seeing it thrive, both in our community and around the world.

Awana's international work is some of the best I've seen at helping indigenous churches move further and faster through effective children's ministry. Partnering with Awana has been one of the most strategic investments in missions our church has made.”

- Bill Mitchell | Boca Raton Community Church

“The international leader-based model that Awana has created is amazing from a cost-benefit standpoint.

For $10, a child in Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe can be blessed by the Awana experience and learn God’s Word. Many of these children are without much hope. Will His Word, planted deep in the hearts of children, make a difference? We know it will, because His Word assures us it will!”

- Rodney and Lynda, Illinois | Faithful Partners for 23 Years

What if you gave the hope of Jesus to these children today?

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