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KidsPrint for May 2015
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Some of you have told us that you like to send out newsletters to your clubbers' families, but don't have time to do one. KidsPrint gives you the opportunity to use our newsletter and, if desired, to include an additional page with your own club information. And, since Awana is all about boys and girls, we like to hear from boys and girls and know what they're thinking. KidsPrint is a way for us to do that.

During the summer months we will include BrainCheck. Be sure to make copies for each of your clubbers — it's fun for them, a great outreach into their homes and an effective way for Awana to hear from kids. Everybody wins!

KidsPrint features:

  • A page for you to add your club and church news. Either:
    • Use our convenient Microsoft® Word template in color or black and white.
    • Print page 4, then put it back in your printer and print your news onto it from a word processing program.
  • Focus on a Bible character, a feature that can be expanded for a Council Time lesson.
  • Jokes.
  • Kids' favorite Bible characters and verses.
  • Quizzes that you can encourage the clubbers to do at home and return to you for a small prize.
  • Interviews with Awana clubbers.

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