Colin Robinson

Vice President, Global Advancement

Colin Robinson

Awana is a worldwide organization serving more than 34,000 churches in over 100 countries. In his role as Vice President of Global Advancement, Colin Robinson oversees donor care and communication with Awana donors, charitable foundations and key churches. Colin is also a member of the Global Leadership Team.

Colin’s story
Colin grew up in Kimball, Minnesota, and attended a church that valued children’s ministry. Starting when Colin was 4, adults in the church mentored and cared for him through Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, camps and youth ministry. Colin trusted Christ as Savior at age 9.

“Thinking about it, I was actually part of the 4-14 Window: the age range in which people are most receptive to the gospel,” Colin says.

Moving from success to significance
Prior to joining Awana, Colin worked for 30 years in banking and was president of a bank in Charles City, Iowa. Then, in 2004, Colin and his wife, Carol, sensed the time was right to give back to God through full-time ministry.

“We wanted to move from success to significance and to finish well,” Colin says.

Eight years ago, the international ministry of Awana interested Colin. His extensive experience with world missions and his role on the board of Russian Ministries prepared him to serve and grow the Awana family of donors.

“In addition to international ministry opportunities, Awana also has a chance to reach into different cultures in the U.S., including Native American, ethnic, urban, rural and prisons,” Colin explains. “Awana has a heart for the Great Commission: to go, make disciples and teach. It’s so exciting to see Awana impact children for eternity!”

Colin’s heart of compassion for children all over the world influences his Awana colleagues.

Brian Rhodes, Vice President and Chief Ministry Officer of Awana, says: “Colin has been a builder of relationships for many years. At Awana, those relationships engage in eternal kingdom outcomes.”

Colin and his wife, Carol, reside in Colorado. They enjoy conducting hymn sings at churches and have been singing together for over 40 years. The Robinsons have three daughters and 10 grandchildren.