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Parent Pause is especially for Awana Cubbies and Awana Puggles parents. Many parents today don’t know how to give their kids the spiritual guidance they need. This newsletter can be a starting point for the influence of the local church in these families’ lives.

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Our desire is to help parents give their children the gift of their time and attention that will result in strong families with a biblical understanding of life.

Encourage all the Awana Cubbies and Awana Puggles leaders in your church to use it as a tool to reach out to the parents of your clubbers — after all, parents are the major influence in the lives of these kids!

Each monthly issue features:

  • A contemporary, adult “look and feel”
  • A meaningful truth from Scripture and ways to apply it
  • Parenting tips and family-centered activities
  • Practical ideas for nurturing the parent-child relationship and having conversations about God
  • A page for you to add your own club news and announcements. You can do this by printing the last page of the newsletter (a writeable pdf page) and then putting it back into your printer. You can then use a word processing program to print your news onto it before photocopying.You can also use our convenient Microsoft Word template in color or black and white.

Let us know what you think about Parent Pause. We would love to have your feedback!