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Sparks Awards

Sparks Awards
It's getting to be that time of year to reward your Sparkies for all their hard work!

Sparky Storybook SeriesSparky Storybook Series
Kids' imaginations take flight with charming fiction books by former Awana President/CEO Jack Eggar! Each title features memorable biblical messages, parent-child activities and discussion questions. It's sure to be a favorite in club and at home. Makes a great gift, too!
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Sparky PuppetSparky Puppet
This soft Sparky puppet is ideal for holding clubbers' attention!

Leader Tips

It's Catch-up Time!
This is the ideal time to check the progress of Sparkies who have not completed their handbooks yet. Count the number of sections left and divide by the number of club nights remaining. Then you can determine how many sections the children need to do each week to complete their handbooks by the end of the year.

There are only 40 required sections in each Sparks handbook, so this should not be too overwhelming for any of your regularly attending clubbers. If kids need help catching up, why not do a Super Section Saturday event?

Free Extra-Credit MaterialsSparks Frequent Flyer Extra-Credit Cards
This time of year, Awana gets lots of calls asking about extra-credit materials. Remember Sparkies should never go ahead of their grade level in the Awana curriculum. Once they complete a handbook, clubbers may move on to the review and then the Frequent Flyer cards. But what's after that? Try these free downloadable booklets and memory packets.

7 Benefits of a Reward Room
Are you looking for something to revitalize your Sparks club at this mid-year point? Would you like to see 75 percent or more of your kids complete their handbooks? Check out the Webinar Using a Reward Room to Enhance your Sparks Ministry in our Digital Library! You can view it individually, but better yet, gather all your Sparks leaders to discuss it as a group.

Games and Themes

Airplane Trip NightAirplane
This is a great way to interest clubbers in missions. The week before, take a vote of the countries they'd like to visit on a mission trip. Choose the top one and get some digital photos or videos of the area. In club the next week, position chairs like in a plane. Dress a few clubbers or leaders as flight attendants. Play recorded sound effects during takeoff, then have the pilot welcome passengers aboard. Serve in-flight refreshments. As you land, show slides or videos of the country you are visiting. Ask someone who has visited that country to share stories.

Great Prize Game
Place three buckets next to each other on each team's diagonal inside the circle. One player from each team stands at the starting line holding three balls. When the whistle blows, the clubber attempts to throw a ball into each bucket. Award one point for each ball that lands and stays in the first bucket, two points for the second and three points for the third. The team with the largest point total wins. Hint: the game moves fastest when there are nine or fewer players per team.

Summer Fun NightBeach ball
Set up an area in the Sparks room where children can relax, read and pretend. Lay several beach towels on the floor with a beach umbrella overhead. Display pairs of colorful sunglasses, sand pails, shovels and other summer items. Invite children to review their handbooks in the summer fun area. Include summer objects during Game Time in place of bean bags, balloons and pins.

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