Heritage Church

Lake Zurich, IL

In the local church, Awana can play the part of the swiss army knife of ministry.

In the local church, Awana can play the part of the swiss army knife of ministry. Awana serves as a leader training tool, helping to grow and disciple leaders as they in turn disciple students. Awana also functions as a primary means of evangelism, being an active and regular outreach to the surrounding community. In addition to those functions, Awana also functions as a consistent discipleship tool that creates lasting results in children as they grow through the Awana ministry. For a church like Heritage in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Awana fulfills all these roles and it can be seen first hand throughout the church.

Zac Kauffman grew up going to Awana in his local church. Though he grew up in a strong Christian household, Awana played a vital role in his faith,
both as a child and now as a young man.

“There have been multiple leaders who have come alongside me and coached me,” said Zac. “Learning the verses in Awana, from these leaders who I have loved and respected has led to multiple conversations throughout my life with others about the gospel, and now I feel it is my personal calling to talk with people about their faith, why they believe what they believe.”

The way the Awana ministry has shaped Zac as a disciple is hard to ignore. Zac continued in the Awana ministry throughout middle school and high school, and as a Citation Award earner, Zac’s passion for the Lord can be seen in how he leads T&T boys in his church down the same path of discipleship he himself has walked.

“As a leader what keeps me coming back is not only leading these kids, but learning from them and being pushed by them and their questions.”

Zac is one of many leaders at Heritage and throughout the world that grew up in Awana and are now disciples making disciples of the next generation. It is not uncommon to enter into the doors of church that has been utilizing Awana for more than a few years and see past clubbers leading boys and girls as young disciples of Jesus.

May the Lord continue to equip the local church, both here at home and around the world with the Awana ministry and in so doing, may He raise nations of disciples making disciples.

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