Undeniable Transformation

What does it look like when Jesus transforms a life
in an undeniable way?

For a 15 year old boy named Murugan, it is nothing short of revival. Murugan lives in completely Hindu village in Sri Lanka. He is named after the indigenous god of war in the Hindu religion, and through Murugan, God is bringing spiritual peace to Murugan’s village.

Through a pastor in the region, Murugan was invited to a local Awana club and was immediately affected. “I first met an Awana leader and was invited to a Awana Club and
I felt this is something different.”

Coming from a village void of all Christian influence, Murugan was impacted by the grace and hope found in Jesus. After some time in the Awana club, he felt a burden for other kids in his village.


There may be nothing that qualifies Murugan from our standards. He stopped attending school and takes care of his family’s cows and their home, yet this young man sees his calling.

“God used me to start an Awana Club in this village and I organize a place to meet and bring the children. I go house to house to invite children and now more that 30 children are coming to Awana club.”

Murugan has met challenges in his calling.

“When the villages were against this Awana Club and I faced the challenge boldly.  Today many parents respect me and many children lives are changing. Most of the children are Hindus and now many have accepted Jesus Christ.”

Aware of his shortcomings, Murugan is sure of one thing, “I don’t have knowledge, but the love of Jesus in the only thing I know. I thank God for Awana.”

Think Awana can make a difference in your community?

At Awana, kids find a fun environment where caring and equipped local leaders disciple them to know, love and serve Jesus. Whether they live in a city or the suburbs, a refugee camp or an orphanage, a dusty rural village or high in the mountains, every child, everywhere matters to God … and every child matters to Awana. Discover the ways you can get involved today!

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