Super Section Saturdays

Barbecue grill   Super Section Saturdays are not unique to PowerUP; clubs have   been doing them for years. Leaders and clubbers enjoy them and   it’s a great opportunity to help clubbers who may otherwise not   finish their handbooks.


Super Section Saturday is a special event to help kids pass sections and finish their handbooks by the end of the club year or even during the summer. It’s not club, but a fun, unique time set aside for leaders to work with kids. There are games, activities and food, but the main emphasis is on the sections. It’s not a fun day for those who are on track to finish their books – kids should only come if they will be working on their handbooks.


We’ve called it Super Section Saturday but you don’t have to have it on a Saturday. It’s any dedicated chunk of time during which you can accomplish all the activities described above.

You can schedule these events as often as you like. But because the goal is handbook completion, it’s a good idea to do one early enough before the end of the club year so many of your kids can take advantage of it. You can also hold one in the summer for kids who didn't finish by the end of the club year.


Typically, this event would be held at your church -- though a summer event could be held at a leader's home. If held in a home, invite the clubbers' parents to adhere to child protection policies. The details are up to you. You can have pizza, barbecue or even just a snack like ice cream. Plan a few fun activities and games for those who are not working on books.


The goal is to help kids finish their handbooks. It’s also a good time for clubbers who have not flourished in Handbook Time to experience a lower leader-to-student ratio and receive some focused attention and assistance.

Success Story

This past Saturday, our fifth- and sixth-grade T&T clubbers participated in our first Super Section Saturday. We held it at our church’s teen center. Even though it was cold and rainy, we had about a 60 percent turnout compared to the number we average in our Wednesday night club attendance. We had it from 9:30 to noon and had donuts and juice for all to enjoy. Our clubbers had fun and worked on sections. We had one clubber do 21 sections! We motivated our kids to come by offering five extra shares for attendance. Plus, for every four sections they complete, they get a share. We offer shares for word perfect sections as well! I encourage other churches to do this to get your group back on track for the end-of-year awards. It is well worth it!

First Baptist Church
Magnolia, AR