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What was said may change the entire KidMin landscape.

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Find your voice in the research!

The Gospel Truth Book

Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry

The Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry identifies and analyzes barriers to truly effective discipleship. This fresh research equips you and your ministry team to make the kind of changes that are needed to reach this generation of kids - and beyond.

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What ministry leaders are saying about the book

Dannah Gresh

Dannah Gresh Creator, Secret Keeper Girl

How can we make one hour a week count in building strong disciples? Matt and Dan help remind us to put first things first, but don’t fail to push us out of our comfort zones to come into the times to reach children for Christ. This is a well-researched and refreshing refueling for everyone interested in discipling children - their own or others.

I, along with literally tens of thousands of others, learned to love the Word and cherish the gospel through AWANA clubs. There is a not a sermon I preach in which I do not trade on that extensive training, and I consider it to be among the most valuable things my home church imparted to me. This short book will help you understand both the importance of inculcating Scripture into the next generation and the reason so many of us are excited about AWANA as the means for accomplishing that.

J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear Pastor, The Summit Church

Pat Cimo

Pat Cimo Family Life and Marriage
Ministry Director at Willow
Creek Community Church

The Gospel Truth about Children’s Ministry has been an influential resource to our team. This fresh, research book has provided a grid to help us dive into hard conversations about what we believe is needed to make our children’s ministry thrive. It opened our eyes and gave our team common language to begin ministry strategy conversations about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks that need our attention so that we can take ground toward our goal of developing champions of faith.

The information in this book is important for everyone in Children’s Ministry, everyone who cares about the Children’s Ministry of their church, every parent and grandparent to see and understand.

Lynda Freeman

Lynda Freeman KidMin Blogger and Author

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About the Research

How many were surveyed?

When establishing the validity of the research (margin of error, etc.), the reported number includes only “completed†interviews:

  • Children’s Ministry Marketplace Survey (2013) - 376 completes
  • Children’s Ministry Marketplace Survey #2 (2014) - 858 completes*

* For both projects, some respondents who began the survey did not complete it. The decision was made to include the responses of these “incompletes†(for the questions they answered) in the reporting. Because of this, for some questions, there are more responses than the total number of “completes†reported for the research.

When did the survey(s) take place?

In 2013, Awana conducted a comprehensive online survey among children’s ministry leaders from across the U.S.A. In the spring of 2014, we went back to children’s ministry leaders to test the concepts in another of a renewed approach to discipling children (based on but not limited to the ideas learned from our initial research).

Who was surveyed?

We intentionally talked with children’s ministry leaders who use Awana programs and those who do not use curriculum or programs offered by Awana. We surveyed across the nation and across the spectrum of region, denomination, church size, ministry approach, and so on.

What kind of research was done? /How was the research conducted?

Because the issues we sought to research were complex, so was our approach. We questioned multiple audiences and used a variety of methodologies. Where it was important to answer questions pertaining to the broader field of children’s ministry, we used quantitative research to yield statistically reliable results. Where we needed deeper and more detailed insights, we conducted qualitative studies using in-depth interviews and dynamic online focus groups.

The Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry contains the top 10 most remarkable and revealing findings from our research. More than a thousand children’s ministry leaders and decision makers have spoken: let’s explore the findings.

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About the Authors

Matt Markins

Matt Markins

Matt serves on the Global Leadership Team at Awana as the Vice President of Ministry Resources as well as the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy. Prior to joining Awana, Matt served in leadership roles with Thomas Nelson Publishers, Randall House Publishers and was the co-founder of the D6 Conference (a discipleship and family ministry community).

He and his wife Katie have been volunteering and growing in children’s ministry for over 20 years. They live in the Chicago suburbs with their two sons tolerating dreadful winters, but soaking up amazingly mild weather the other seven months of the year.

Follow him on Twitter @Markins

Dan Lovaglia

Dan Lovaglia

Dan served as the Director of New Ministries and Parent Engagement throughout his time at Awana. He is the co-author of The Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry (Awana, July 2015) and Relational Children’s Ministry (Zondervan, Spring 2016.)

Dan and his wife Kate live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with their two fantastic teenage sons, Avery and Aaron.

Follow his adventures on Twitter & Instagram: @DanLovaglia

Mark McPeak

Mark McPeak

For nearly 25 years, Mark has specialized in helping companies and organizations with major strategic decisions. Meeting with senior leaders and identifying key questions, Mark helps define the market intelligence needed to move forward. Once the data is collected and analyzed, Mark provides strategic recommendations and works with the client team to maximize results.

Mark is the founder and president of Sightline Research Strategies.

Follow him on Twitter @MarkMcPeak

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