Ultimate Adventure Jersey

T&T Ultimate Adventure® Discovery Emblems You can use the new T&T Ultimate Adventure® award emblems in either the Standard or Customized Method. For the Standard Method, we recommend using all four colors and creating alternating patterns in red/blue, green/yellow as shown. You can, however, choose any color combination you wish for the Standard and Customized Methods.

Standard Method

Follow these four easy steps:

  1. Find the middle of the shirtsleeve, where the shirt would naturally crease when laid flat.
  2. Place first emblem to left of crease and just above stripes (see Diagram 1).
  3. Place second emblem above the first emblem to create a square as shown in Diagram 2.
  4. As a child earns emblems, continue building squares above the stripes until all eight emblems have been earned and four squares have been created on the sleeve (see Diagrams 3-8).
Diagram 1 and 2
Diagram 3-8

Custom Method

The Custom Method gives you the freedom to create a unique award pattern for your entire club to use or put the creativity into clubbers hands and let them come up with their own patterns.

Here are examples of customized patterns. These patterns are based on using the middle of the sleeve as a starting point but custom patterns can start anywhere on the sleeve or go elsewhere on the shirt.

Custom method for placing awards