Truth and Training Field Test

Leader Resources

Training Module
View short training modules to familiarize yourself with the T&T update.

T&T Uniform and Awards
View uniform award placement options and book awards.
Note: Award one emblem at Sections 3 and 6 for each unit. If using Extension Sections, award one emblem at Sections 4 and 7 or 8.

Field Test Resources
Download the following items by clicking on the link above:

  • Recordkeeping Card
  • Sample T&T Schedule (Example format for T&T time)
  • Sample T&T Calendar (Example of how to plan your ministry season)
  • T&T Calendar Template
  • Child Information Form
  • T&T Ultimate Adventure Green Series Unit and Section List

T&T Clip Art
Clip art to use in T&T club and on T&T promotional materials

T&T Music Resources
Music Resources deliberatekids Click the link above to download deliberateKids karaoke tracks, lyrics and suggested lesson list to enhance select T&T lessons. These tracks complement the tracks found on your deliberateKids CD sampler..

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