T&T Service Passport
Introduced in 2010, this is a resource that helps clubbers put the serve in “to know, love and serve Christ”

The T&T Service Passport™ encourages clubbers to put faith into action through practical service, both to God’s people and those who do not yet know Him. The Service Passport is an optional program for both T&T Ultimate Adventure and T&T Ultimate Challenge. While not required for handbook completion, it is recommended for helping to build active faith in your clubbers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each participant receives a Service Passport booklet with content highlighting selected countries in which the ministry of Awana International thrives.
  2. Leaders download service idea pages from ART, which are formatted for printing on labels for placement in the Service Passport booklet.
  3. The leader and clubber select an idea and discuss how the clubber will perform the service project described. The leader may also write in a service idea unique to the local church or community.
  4. When the clubber completes the service project, the leader stamps the Service Passport booklet with special themed stamps.
  5. For every two service projects completed, the clubber earns a collectible pin for the uniform. Pin designs are based on the flags of nations featured in the Service Passport booklet.

Watch for the posting of Service Passport project ideas to ART. We pray that your clubbers will grow in their love for Jesus Christ as they serve people.

Ultimate Adventure Service Passport Labels and Instructions

Ultimate Challenge Service Passport Labels and Instructions