Handbook Verse Labels for T&T Clubbers with Special Needs

Sometimes our special-needs kids require more than the usual number of helps to pass a section. At your request, we are offering sets of downloadable labels to help those who find the T&T handbook verses too hard.

Print a copy on labels that are compatible with Avery label #5960. Then place the labels on the corresponding page, covering up the remaining text with the label. The page numbers are in parentheses on each label.

Ultimate Adventure Book One Verse Labels (Instructions here)

Ultimate Adventure Book Two Verse Labels (Instructions here)

Ultimate Challenge Book One Verse Labels (Instructions here)

Ultimate Challenge Book Two Verse Labels (Instructions here)

Mission: Grace In Action Verse Labels (Instructions here)

Mission: Evidence Of Grace Verse Labels (Instructions here)

We hope the labels help your T&T clubber have a great year in club!

Did you know that Awana offers a dedicated resource to help you work with special needs clubbers? "Awana for Me" features helpful ideas for a range of special needs situations, and can be purchased with your church account.

For more information, contact the U.S. Program Department at tt@awana.org.