(3rd-6th Grade)


An elementary ministry

The T&T (Truth & Training) curriculum teaches kids the truth of God's Word, trains them to follow Him and practice His grace.

What's in T&T?

Kid's Handbook

A fun and engaging Bible study for upper elementary students to learn and engage in the grace of God. Each handbook contains 30 Bible studies, memory verses, loads of extra credit (extra verses and extra Bible studies), plus a fun story about T&T Super Agents.

What's in T&T?

Kid's Essentials

This abridged version of the Kid's Handbook makes T&T more accessible for a wider range of kids and ministry environments.

What's in T&T?

Leader Group Guide

Adaptable lesson guides help leaders design large group teaching that fosters application and long-term retention of the biblical truths presented in the Kid's Handbook. Each Leader Group Guide includes a downloadable Resource Bundle with visual aids and support materials.

What's in T&T?

Small Group Guide

This small group leader tool provides everything needed to review Kid's Handbooks and memory verses, as well as build a tailored small group discipleship experience.

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