As a leader, you are placed by God in a unique position to change the world by leading kids and youth in your church and community to know, love and serve Jesus. Awana is committed to providing you with a variety of training opportunities to help you grow your skills and passion for your Awana ministry.

Getting Started

Awana equips you to get your ministry off to a strong start each year.

  • Hitting the Mark provides key church leaders with the vision for long-lasting children's ministry and the tools to launch strong clubs.
  • Getting Started inspires and equips you to be the best Awana volunteer.
  • Role Books and Pocket Guides provide leaders with specifics on how to serve in their role in club.


Conferences provide Awana volunteers and leadership with motivational teaching and practical ideas that you can apply immediately to your ministry.

  • Awana Ministry Conferences are the best opportunity to be inspired, connect with other Awana volunteers and share ideas about your ministry.
  • AMC Connection Kits are great resources for hosting a leader meeting or mini-conference for Awana volunteers in your church.
  • Commander College is a specialized training for Commanders and future Commanders, proven to enrich club performance.


At Club Clinic, Awana leaders find short, interactive training to address common club challenges — all online and FREE! A regular dose of Club Clinic will reinforce great principles and provide fresh ideas for any club! Awana leaders can visit Club Clinic anytime.

Leader Recruitment and Encouragement

Volunteers form the heartbeat of Awana. Your investment in kids’ lives is the main reason why children are thrilled to take part in Awana. Discover free, downloadable resources that will help you build a team of motivated volunteers.

And much more!