Brian & Carolyn Crowe

Crowe Family Serving Middle Georgia

In 1974 at 25 years of age, Carolyn and I became convicted that we had never been saved. Within a few days of each other, we both made the personal decision to ask Jesus Christ to be our Savior.

In 1995 our church decided to start an Awana Club. At that time, we had never heard of Awana. I was asked to be the commander of the club. We visited a local church and watched the club in action and could see that Awana was a great tool to reach children and parents with the gospel of Christ.

A few years later we felt God's call to become a full-time Awana missionary. We began the application process in January 1999 and the process continued until July, when we were approved for training. We went for training at Awana Headquarters in Streamwood, Illinois. On August 15,1999 at the age of 50, Carolyn and I officially became full-time faith supported missionaries.

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What is an Awana missionary? A person...called of God to introduce the ministry of Awana to local churches and equip them to impact their community and the world with the Gospel of Grace.

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