Saidys Corpus

Saidys Corpus

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Saidys was born in Colombia and raised in a Christian home where she received biblical teaching from her parents.   She learned the Word of God and trusted Jesus as her Lord and Savior at the age of nine.  Saidys started serving the Lord as a Sunday school aid at the age of 13. Seeing the spiritual need of children, she attended training to help children know Christ Jesus.

In 1998, Saidys was invited by her pastor to attend to Awana training where she learned a new evangelism and discipleship strategy for children and youth. God has allowed her to serve in the ministry of Awana as a leader, secretary, director and as a National Ministry Team Member of Awana in Colombia.

In 2007, there was a need of a secretary in the national office of Awana in Bogota. Saidys was invited to serve in the ministry and she accepted that position with her parents’ approval and God has used her to support churches and the admin team of the national office.

Saidys currently belongs to a team of eight leaders from different congregations that have a vision to reach children.  She trains and follows-up with the churches in her area to support them on events that have helped strengthen the team and also their relationships with God. In the last two years the number of churches has grown. 60 churches in this area of the country have 90 clubs where about 3,600 children meet on a weekly basis. The goal for this fiscal year is to reach 50 new churches in the city of Ibague and reach another 30 churches in Bogota, Colombia to enable 3,200 more children to be reached.

Through Awana, God has shown Saidys how His Word changes the lives of children and their families. Saidys yearns to continue serving the children of Colombia as long as God allows her to do so.   

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