Linda & Terry Davis

Linda & Terry Davis

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Terry and Linda became Awana missionaries in May of 1990, after serving on the Awana Ministry Team for seven years in Texas.  They, and their children, served the south/central/west/south East portion of Texas for eight years, dividing the area three times as growth took place.

Terry and Linda were involved in some of the first Awana Missionary-In-Training (MIT) team trainings and trips.  One trip, in 1997 took them and their team to Papua New Guinea where they saw a tremendous need for ministering to the children.  One year later, they became International Awana missionaries and moved to Papua New Guinea to work on developing an Awana program and curriculum that even animistic and illiterate children could participate in—and most importantly, receive a simple, yet thorough and clear understanding of the gospel.  Over the nine years Terry and Linda ministered in Papua New Guinea, they established the Awana ministry there and developed the four-year Awana program/curriculum called Awana TruthSeekers, which is now being used in many parts of the world.

In 2007 Terry and Linda returned to Texas to work with the Awana International Training Department to develop and implement (traveling to over 15 countries in six years) a leader-based club plan Jack Eggar had developed for international missionary use— the Leader-Based strategy called Seed Planters’.  This ministry model, which makes use of the Awana TruthSeekers curriculum developed in PNG, has been successfully used to grow the Awana ministry worldwide.  

Since returning to Texas, Terry continues to direct the Awana Office in Papua New Guinea.  Presently, we have a great asset to the Awana team in PNG with our Awana Coordinator, Gideon Karl.  Gideon has administrative skills that are rare to find there and a determined goal to reach children in all parts of PNG with the gospel.  Terry is in regular contact with Gideon and travels at least once a year to Papua New Guinea for four or five weeks of training and ministering to Gideon, the Awana Ministry Team, and Awana leaders.

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