Vasile & Veronica Florea

Vasile & Veronica Florea

Vasile & Veronica serve as Coordinators for Awana Moldova.   Even though they serve and equip churches in Moldova in a part-time or voluntary capacity, there are still ministry expenses related to their work.  If you would like to make a donation to the ministry of Awana Moldova please click on the donate tab to the right.

Missionary Profile

  • Country: Moldova
  • States/Territory Serving: The whole country Moldova
  • Children: Three daughters: Ana-Maria, Rodica and Elena.
  • Favorite verse(s): Luke 6:31

Interesting facts and information...

  • Birthdates: Vasile-March 28; Veronica-May 15; Ana-Maria October 25; Rodica March 18; Elena December 11.
  • Languages spoken: Romanian, Russian, English (loose).
  • For fun we like to… to prepare a tasty meal at home, to visit our parents, to watch a good movie with the family
  • Why we became Awana missionaries… because I love God and Awana is a very good tool in spreading the teachings of Him, His love. Awana open for me many doors, in churches, christian organizations, families and  to concrete persons which I can help to effectively bring God's love to children, adults and young people.
  • Favorite foods: Lamb Sauce and great fish soup.
  • Favorite colors: red.
  • Favorite books: Bible, then classic: J. London, T. Dreiser, O'Henry, Hemingway ...
  • Favorite music: Songs sung by Baptists, especially old songs, then, Romanian (Moldavian) folk music and classical.
  • Favorite TV shows: Our family do not watch TV.
  • Favorite movies: Christian Movies.
  • Favorite quotes: And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. Luke 6:31
  • Favorite Family vacation: I had no vacations (I'd love to go with our family to the sea, mountains, cities)
  • For fun our children like to… plays the violin, drawing, puzzle, watch cartoons and eat ice cream and cake.
  • Other information/Prayer Requests: A salary, car, many Awana clubs in Moldova.
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