Ken & Eileen Lorow

Ken & Eileen Lorow

Area Director:

Our Prayer

We all know that children pick up things from their parents, some good and some bad. One of the good things that I picked up from my parents was a love for children & youth ministry. It was also through my parents that I picked up a love for the Awana ministry. God has seen fit to place a burden in our heart to serve as Awana missionaries in the eastern Virginia area. It is our prayer that God would use us to come alongside churches and parents helping children and youth know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are currently 160 churches in Eastern Virginia using the Awana ministry. There are also more than eight hundred thousand young people under the age of 18 living in the same area. The need to reach young people with the Gospel is great. Just this past year I was helping a young Kinder-gardener learn John 3:16. This young child then asked "Who is God?" I was saddened as I thought of the growing number of young people who do not even know who Jesus Christ is.

Our Need

What we need are ministry partners. Ministry partners help in two ways. The first way that you can help is to pray for us. Perhaps even as you are reading this you can stop for a moment or two and pray for us and our family. We have many challenges that lay ahead for us and we long for God's direction and leading in our lives. The other way that ministry partners help is financially. We need to raise an additional $1700 per month for our ministry expenses. Please prayerfully consider what part God has for you to play in our ministry to children, youth and their families in the Eastern Virginia area.

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