Talei Vaihola

Talei Vaihola


Talei Vaihola has always had a heart for children’s ministry.  She worked with children at her church and ran kid’s clubs in her home for children in her community even before she began serving with Awana in 2005.  Her husband Pesamino is also active in the ministry and assists Talei with Awana presentations, camps and other Awana events.

Under Talei’s leadership the Awana Leader-Based Strategy ministry model was introduced in Fiji in 2009.  At that time there were 9 churches using Awana.  Over the years the ministry has grown to 36 churches evangelizing and discipling more than 1,000 boys and girls each week.  Talei has also conducted Leader-based trainings in the Solomon Islands and is planning on expanding to the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu in the future.

Talei and her husband have five grown sons and live in Fiji. Her prayer is that one-day Awana will be in all the islands of the South Pacific region.

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