Awana GO

What is GO?

Awana GO contains free lessons that enhances existing club materials and helps you spur your children to action through prayer, sharing their faith and giving. Each GO lesson is designed to engage your kids in fun and meaningful ways to learn about God’s heart for the world and encourage your kids to grow in loving and serving God and others.

When your kids participate in GO they will:

  • KNOW they can be part of God’s mission today.
  • PRAY for those who don’t know Jesus, both in their city and around the world.
  • SHARE about Jesus with friends and neighbors.
  • GIVE so unreached children can experience the love of Jesus.

What other club leaders are saying about GO

“GO has breathed new life into our Awana club this year. Our leaders and clubbers love the new format. It has increased our enthusiasm and opened a new dimension on teaching and learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

– Tom, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, CA

Sample GO Lesson

GO lessons have everything you need as a leader to give your children an outward focused view of the world and how they can be part of God’s bigger plan for them. Each lesson is written from the perspective of a child and shares how Jesus changed their life.

Lessons contain a leader guide, lesson video, PowerPoint slides, parent guide and a child take home card.

GO Sample Lesson
PowerPoint Slides

Leader Guide

Parent Guide


Child Take Home Card

What other club leaders are saying about GO

“Awana has taken all of the searching and work out of presenting missions to your clubbers. Awana GO resources are unbelievable! They are so relevant to what is happening today all over the world.”

– Deborah, Belmont Baptist Church, GA

Ready To Get Started?

GO is FREE is to all Awana club members. To get instant access to all of the GO lesson materials you just need to provide your contact details below.

Once you sign up you also will...

  • Get the GO newsletter to see how other clubs use the program
  • Gain access to the GO online community to connect with other leaders
  • Be assigned a GO coach to answer any questions about the GO program and help you get started

If you are still wondering if GO is right for your club or have additional questions we are here to help. Email us anytime at

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What other club leaders are saying about GO

“I have been amazed at how the Lord has used GO in the lives of our students, the parents, and in my own heart.”

– Sarah, Church of the Open Door, KS