A Family Changed

In Miami, Florida, Marie and her sister Lily, have been forever impacted by the Awana ministry in their local church.

“When I started in Awana, I realized God was something real and something I believed in,” said Marie, “and I’ve enjoyed learning about God and knowing He is with us through everything.”

The teenage sisters started attending Awana after their mother became a T&T leader at their church. The biblical truths they learned became real to them as they and their mother studied God’s Word with the help of Awana. In the middle school curriculum, Trek, they are learning biblical principles that will guide them in their walk and relationship with God. Through the Awana ministry, Lily, Marie and their mother have found discipleship and community.

“When you’re going through times of trouble and you think that you have nothing, you always know God is there,” said Lily “(our Awana club) is like a huge family with hundreds of people there for you.”

As their family continues to study the Gospel and go deeper in their relationship with God, they will lead others to their loving Savior with servant hearts.

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T&T Mission: Evidence of Grace

T&T® explores the concept of grace by focusing on the character and nature of God, identity of Christ, as well as the structure and format of the Bible. This four year upper elementary school ministry curriculum features exciting games, biblical teaching, practical application and media resources for kids and leaders.

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Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas uses Awana to instill a Biblical worldview in the lives of their children and youth.

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"I am learning things that inspire me to grow closer to God, especially through the Bible."

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In the local church, Awana can play the part of the swiss army knife of ministry.

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