9 Ways to Connect This Summer

The end of the Awana year … for eight months you have nurtured, encouraged and discipled these kids.

Unless you attend the same church, you won’t see them again until fall – if then.

How can you stay connected?

*** Pray for them. Even if you don’t know their exact location this summer, God does. Pray that they will remember what they have learned and apply those truths to their lives.

*** Plan a mid-summer get together for Awana kids and their families. Some churches host an ice cream social, barbecue or other fun event mid summer – just to touch base.

*** Make sure the kids from Awana are invited to all summer kid events such as Vacation Bible school.

*** Go out of your way to talk to the kids when you see them at church.

*** Let kids know that you will be glad to listen to make-up verses before or after a church service. (This might encourage a family who doesn’t attend church to show up so you can listen to their child.)

*** Ask another leader (or your own family) to go with you to community ballgames or events in which your Awana kids participate.

*** Invite families to send a postcard to the church which represents a place they’ve visited – whether that’s a vacation across the country or a day trip to the town’s zoo. Tack all the postcards to a bulletin board that everyone can enjoy the first night back at club.

*** Keep up with blogs and Facebook pages.  Let the families know that you will be posting all summer, giving news, sharing pictures from club, posting quotes or trivia. (If your club/church isn’t on social media, why not start an account?)

*** Don’t stop. Some churches don’t take a break. Though Awana is over, they begin a summer sports ministry or missions club on the same night that Awana is held. Not only do the kids keep on learning, they don’t break the habit of coming to church on that particular time.

What has your church done to stay in touch?




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