10 Verses to Help You Plan a New Club Year

Yes, this is June.

Yes, we have several weeks before the new ministry year – but what better time to evaluate, to plan and to engage with our leaders about the 2016-2017 club year … and to do so based on principles God gives us in His Word?

Here are 10 verses for the groundwork of any ministry-planning meeting.

1. Structure the meeting (and the ministry) decently and in order – 1 Corinthians 14:40.

2. Delegate responsibility – Exodus 18:13-23. We shouldn’t have such an “I’ve-got-this” mentality that we neglect to give others the privilege of helping out.

3. Use a person’s abilities – Romans 12: 6-8. Who is that friendly person – can she stand at the door greeting parents? Who is the leader with the gift of mercy? Can she sit with that child who is sobbing about her parents’ divorce? Who is the teacher? Can we ask him to lead the Large Group Lessons?

4. Understand the importance of Bible memory – Psalm 119:11. Yes, it’s good to know how to find a verse in a Bible, but so much better to have those words in our hearts and minds. (We won’t always have a Bible available when we need it.)

5. Unity is key – Ephesians 4:16. Does it really matter if we have a pizza party or an ice cream social as a contest prize? Is this really something that needs to take up the entire meeting as two leaders argue about the benefits of cheese versus chocolate syrup? What’s the focus?

6. Remember your priorities – Colossians 1:10. Yes, creative themes and contests and outings are all good and necessary, but our priority is introducing the kids to Christ. When the “stuff” outweighs the message, we have a problem.

7. Teach – I Timothy 4:6-16.  We can teach by our words and by our example. Do we plan Large Group Lessons that truly dig into God’s Word? Do we react as a Christian should when we don’t like losing at Game Time? Do we get angry at that squirmy little kid or realize he has an issue that we could help him handle?

8. Have fun –  Proverbs 17:22. Games are part of the Awana schedule for a reason. Encourage kids to have fun, let out some energy and laugh.

9. Remember you’re preparing kids for their future – 2 Timothy 3:13-15. Something you teach them today could be what God brings to their mind years from now at just the right moment.

10. Don’t forget that God is sovereign –  Proverbs 16:9. Not everything will go exactly the way we want, but God understands and knows. We can go to Him and ask for wisdom in handling any circumstance.



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