NEW this year – LEAD is a leadership development experience teaching essential ministry skills for Children and Youth Pastors, Children’s Directors, Awana Ministry Directors, Club Directors, and anyone who wants to grow in leadership abilities!

The LEAD experience combines social online learning with a 2-­day live event!.

What you’ll learn – Key Leadership Skills! This event is all about Children and Youth Ministry leader development. This is NOT teaching you how to run a club, but how to be a better leader in ministry! LEAD is a blended learning experience, which includes social learning, video, reflection, challenges and a 2-­day conference. This approach is designed to give you the best opportunity to grow your personal leadership skills.

How long is the training event in total? This is a 40 ­day experience in total! You will receive 2 days of classroom learning with preliminary teaching online and community involvement afterwards. Each experience will also include a Facebook page that allows you to network and build community before you arrive and after you leave.

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