25 Unique Theme Nights

Zebra Night? Thunder Night? Amusement Park Night?

One way to keep your Awana program fresh and exciting is by adding new and different themes to your calendar. As you begin to prepare for next year’s schedule, we thought we’d suggest some ideas. These are themes we’ve taken from other club calendars that aren’t of the usual crazy hat, backwards, inside-out variety.

So here you go! (We even suggest Large Group lesson ideas for a few of them.)

  1. Mustache Night – Clubbers wear fake mustaches
  2. Penny Night – Play games with pennies, start a penny drive for missionaries (Mark 12:42 – Widow’s offering)
  3. Bring Your Grandparents Night
  4. World Series Night
  5. Piñata Night (This could be a Christmas special.)
  6. 80s Night (Raid your parent’s closet)
  7. Dress Like Christmas Night – see who can be the most creative
  8. Crazy Glasses Night
  9. Lifesaver® Night (Luke 19:10)
  10. Duct Tape Night – Lots of kids already know how to make things of duct tape, but some don’t. You could have someone demonstrate a simple project.
  11. Are You Smarter Than a Clubber Night? One club challenged church adults to a Scripture/Bible knowledge contest. Clubbers won!
  12. Favorite Toy/Game Night
  13. Jellybean Night
  14. Watermelon Night
  15. Clubbers Choose Night – If you have one or two or are capable, you could even have them do the devotional. (Perhaps a parent or leader would be willing to work with them beforehand.)
  16. Island Night – Pretend it’s summer and you’re on a tropical island. Have an indoor cookout, turn the heat up, dress in summer clothes, play games with beach balls – especially good theme for mid-January.
  17. Potato Pet Night – Kids dress up a potato as a pet (at home) and bring their “pet” to club to introduce it to the other clubbers. You could have contests for cutest, fiercest, most creative, etc.
  18. High Five Night – Do things in fives – five laps around the circle, special award for saying five sections, (or five shares for each verse said) etc. and give lots of high fives. (Matthew 14 – 5 loaves and 2 fish)
  19. Solid Rock Night – Kids all bring a special rock to club. You could paint a rock as a craft. (Lots of Psalms about God being our rock: Psalm 18, 19 …)
  20. Veterans Day Night – Dress in red, white and blue. Thank the Lord for our freedoms.
  21. Creation Night
  22. Build a Boat Night (Lots of Bible events take place around the water.)
  23. Rain Gutter Regatta – Now that you build the boat – have a boat-sailing contest.
  24. Pastor and Popcorn Night – Invite your pastor to speak or to answer any questions the kids might have.
  25. Neon Night – You can do a lot with glow sticks. (Matthew 5:16-17)


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