Advent Devotional

25 REASONS why JESUS Was Born

The 2015 Awana Advent Devotional

I’ve seen it plenty of times. You have too. From billboards to bumper stickers, it’s hard to miss: “Jesus is the reason for the season.” I’ve heard that simple phrase so often over the years. It’s a nice reminder. But if I’m honest, it seems like it loses a little bit of power for me with every passing year. As the years roll on, I think I’m just more susceptible to auto-piloting Christmas.

“25 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born” is your opportunity to reconnect with the reason behind the season. Twenty-five days with twenty-five different contributors. Each day reflects on a specific reason for Jesus’ birth and includes some thoughts as we move toward Christmas Day.

Whether you engage this resource individually, as a family, or as a church, I think you’ll enjoy catching a glimpse into what God was up to more than 2000 years ago.