Go Reach Kids

Kids just like you are making a difference all around the world

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You can help reach kids by hosting a personal fundraiser. Be creative! Organize a bake sale, lemonade stand, or a car wash. Sell some of your prized toys and books to help others. Clean houses or babysit for donations.

The Whole Family

As a family pray together and then brainstorm ways you can help reach kids around the world. Put out a “Money for Missions” jar to put spare change into each day. Give up coffee or soda for a week and put that money aside for giving.

Your Club

As a club or group, you can use the GO resources to teach, connect, and empower kids to actively take part in the Great Commission. To exponentially expand your reach, consider hosting a Verse-a-Thon or a Reach Kids Sunday during your Missions Month.

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