God has provided Awana a front row to view His incredible work throughout the world. Below you'll find a collection of stories, testimonies and films that showcase the global God story Awana is able to be part of. 

Meet Trifosa

"When I am afraid, I put my hope in Jesus."

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A Family Changed

In Miami, Florida, Marie and her sister Lily, have been forever impacted by the Awana ministry in their local church.

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Janet’s Story

Though at times it is hard to see it in the midst of the noise and busyness, God is working in our cities and is doing so through Awana.

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Meet Angelique

“My parents became interested in God after they saw the great change in me. Now they are saved, too!”

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Emily’s Heart For Evangelism

Emily is a young girl with a heart to reach others with the gospel.

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Meet Asmita

"My life has been changed!"

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Meet Zoilo

"May God move in the Philippines!"

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Meet Ilona

Hope is alive in Ukraine!

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Reaching The Fatherless

"We want to help churches love kids as their own."

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